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Fujitsu launched a new cloud-based solution that aims to minimize the risks, costs, and complexity of ensuring robust messaging security. Combining the information and communications technology (ICT) security and cloud expertise from Fujitsu with messaging and web security technology from Symantec, Fujitsu Cloud End User Protect provides an end-to-end security solution for medium to large enterprises.
Editorial/News & Tools
Tealium, a leader in enterprise tag management, announced its digital data solution and tag management software is integrated with Splunk Enterprise. Tealium's solution expands Splunk Enterprise to allow users to gather visitor interaction data directly from websites, mobile web, and native mobile applications beyond server-side data. Combining this with existing machine data sources being collected, indexed and analyzed in Splunk Enterprise enables users to capture insights and behaviors.
Editorial/News & Tools
Acuity has announced a new release of its STREAM Integrated Risk Manager software. STREAM V3.0 provides users with a more configurable, scalable, and easier-to-use approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and delivers improved visibility and control over business risks.
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M-Files Inc., the developer of M-Files cloud, on-premise and hybrid enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that manage information by what it is versus where it is stored, announced that Baystream Corporation has joined the M-Files Partner Program.
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Video has emerged as a powerful communications medium that is well-suited for the business world. Moving beyond "commercials," businesses are now using video to inform, educate, and influence a wide range of audiences.While the use of video is great for external-facing applications aimed at customers, shareholders, or the general public, it is also a powerful tool when it comes to delivering engaging messages to internal audiences-namely employees via the company intranet. In fact, according to a survey by the British firm Melcrum, 93% of internal communications teams said they see video as an important tool; another two-thirds said they expected to increase their budgets for video.
Editorial/Features November/December 2013 Issue,
Responsive design certainly works on the internet, providing a pleasing viewing experience for a website's visitors. It enables site visitors to view and navigate a website clearly and with ease, regardless of the type of device they want to use to access the features of that site.With responsive design, a website will look as good to a user sitting at a desktop as it does to someone accessing that same site via a smartphone or tablet. Many site visitors are mobile, and companies must recognize the need to cater to the desires and habits of their various stakeholders, from customers to clients-anyone who expects to receive value and insight from that site.
Editorial/Features November/December 2013 Issue,
While there is broad industry consensus on the value of Big Data, there is no standardized approach for how to begin and complete a project. In addition, some companies mistakenly focus on technology first instead of business objectives. Because Big Data is only as good as the insight you're able to derive from the information, it is important that you have a strategy to get the most from your information. Otherwise, you will have wasted plenty of time and money. In this article, we lay out the fours steps to successfully implementing a Big Data project.
Editorial/Features Sept/Oct 2013 Issue,
Is your company's intranet a useful, one-stop-shop for employees to access the information they need to better perform their jobs? Or is it an outdated misuse of resources that your employees don't use? In 2009, at Toshiba America Medical Systems, we discovered our intranet fell into the latter category. We knew, through word of mouth and employee feedback, that a very small percentage of employees used the intranet, but we had to figure out the reason why: Was it difficult to use or was the content irrelevant? As it turns out, it was a combination of the two. We set out on an intranet overhaul to create a more user-centric, visually interesting and functional portal.
Editorial/Features Sept/Oct 2013 Issue,